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Office of Mission

The Office of Mission advances the Catholic identity, Benedictine charism and diocesan heritage of Donnelly College and seeks to integrate the College’s mission into its academic programs and institutional operations and practices. Working with the President’s Office and in collaboration with other departments, the Office of Mission forms students, faculty, staff, leadership and alumni in the foundational mission and identity of the College.

As a Benedictine and diocesan college, Donnelly offers a unique vision of Catholic higher education. The Office of Mission ensures institutional fidelity to this vision and the Catholic Church’s vision of higher education as a whole given in Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States. Through joyful fidelity, the Office of Mission stewards the Catholic intellectual tradition upon which the College was founded and promotes the sacramental, liturgical and spiritual life within which such a tradition can flourish with the goal of cultivating a Catholic culture both within the College and beyond its doors.

Core Goals of the Office of Mission

  • Formation in mission for administration, staff, and faculty.
  • Integration of mission into academic programs and institutional policies and procedures.
  • Stewardship of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition through the Donnelly core curriculum, campus-wide lectures, and faculty commitment to Ex corde Ecclesiae.
  • Living the Catholic faith on campus in Daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, sacramental life, campus ministry, retreats and Catholic cultural activities.



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Photo of Matthew T. Vander Vennet, Ph.D.

Matthew T. Vander Vennet, Ph.D.

Director of Mission & Assistant Professor of Theology