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“I’m not a very religious person, but the first thing that was super impactful was a Sister opened her class with prayer. We’re in the heart of Wyandotte, and there’s just so much stuff going on, trying to pull me away from going to school. Being able to sit in a classroom feels safe. Prayer is being said. It just really makes me feel at home." - Niesha K. '17


"Before attending Donnelly College, I can honestly say my connection with God was fading, but ever since I arrived here, I knew this college was different spiritually. It has opened my mind to change certain ways within myself and the way I think… What I lost was a connection.

I lost a connection that I had growing up being told to pray when I needed help, when good things came my way, and when I felt helpless. These are the changes I am making, the changes that came for me when I started attending this college."  – Saira, ‘23

“Attending a Catholic college has been an important part of my formational experience in my studies toward the Catholic priesthood. Donnelly College is incredibly diverse religiously, economically, and ethnically. This diversity has formed an environment in which I can personally encounter others whose individual circumstances cannot be understood through a lecture in a seminary classroom.

Ultimately, it has helped me grow in understanding of the mystery of the Incarnation in which Almighty God becomes one of us, suffers like us, and converts our hearts by loving us to the end, a love I must imitate as a future Catholic priest.” - Br. Martin N., '19


two students in hall talking. Three students walking in hall of Donnelly.  Admissions at Donnelly can help you become a student at Donnelly College in Kansas City Kansas and pursue a higher education that is affordable, diverse, local and Catholic. Donnelly has associate degrees, transfer programs, bachelor's degrees in business leadership and information technology and nursing programs.



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Matthew T. Vander Vennet, Ph.D.

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